Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lilac Magnolias - Chapter 4 preview

If you haven't, I'd love for you guys to look at my new project, Lilac Magnolias. I'm sure you'd like it. =D (let me just say that I LOVE the theme. It's so cute, like a little story book. The Victorian patterned background is so pretty, too.)

Here is a short preview of chapter 4. Just the first line and a picture. You'll have to read on once I post if you want to find out what happened. ;)

First dates are nerve-wracking, tongue-tying, stomach-butterfly-inducing things.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lilac Magnolias - a new rainbowcy

Hi all! :)

I was talking to Berry last night and saw that she had created a new rainbowcy. This one was short, sweet and to the point but a great read nonetheless. I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with My Kind of Normal lately and while I sort out the plot, I decided to give my own go at the shorter, more picture oriented rainbowcy.

I bring to you Lilac Magnolias -

Meet our founder, Lily.

The official thread on the forums is here and I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to stop by and leave a comment after you read the updates so I know what you think. Since tumblr doesn't really have a comment system, I'm really going to rely on you guys for feedback.

If you do have a tumblr, or want to sign up for one (because it's super awesome AND literally only a one step process) then I'd love for you to follow me and "like" any update you really enjoyed.

My Kind of Normal HAS NOT been cancelled. I will still write this story. I just need time to get my thoughts organized and figure out exactly what I want to do with the characters and their lives. I want to make sure I tell Snow's story in the best way possible, because she is the founder of it all.

I want to thank all of you for your patience, support and lovely words throughout the process so far. I hope you continue to follow me on this next journey. If you like it enough, just ask and I'll be happy to make a separate blogger for Lilac Magnolias. If you don't have a tumblr, don't worry. I'll still post here whenever I have an update. Just something short - chapters 2 and 3 added, click here! - and you'll be on your way.

Hope to hear from you soon!

xxx J

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Next Update

...will hopefully be soon! I haven't played my game since the last time I posted, because there have been a lot of personal problems going on.

When it does return though, I hope to introduce generation 2! I'm excited for that, and definitely plan to make the post worth the wait.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and comments. They really put a smile on my face. :)

xxx J

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Generation 1 - Snow: Chapter 6 The Wedding Part 2

This is it.

I told myself just after I'd slipped into my dress. It was 10:00 AM. Exactly one hour before the ceremony would begin. I was at the shack myself, and had done my hair and makeup earlier in the morning. Bibiane said she wanted to come over and help, but there were last minute preparations she didn't trust Bran - a man - to oversee.  

I had just laughed and told her I'd be fine. It's not like we hadn't practiced enough over the past few weeks. Every Saturday, Bibi would crowd herself into the living room with a big silver trunk filled with makeup. I'm sure there was a color for every single Berry that had ever lived. She showed me which brushes worked best for what colors, and how to properly apply foundation and then a concealer, and how to lightly blend everything and top with powder all the while maintaining a natural appearance. 

I was excited. Nervous. Happy. Upset. So many emotions were running through my body as I stared at myself in the mirror. I was afraid that if I sat down, I'd start to cry and knew that wasn't an option. There wouldn't be anytime to fix my makeup afterwards. Though I have to admit, Bibiane would have probably been more upset about mascara tracks than me. If I'd had it my way, Logan and I probably would have gotten married on the exact spot we were engaged - the cliff overlooking the beach.

Bibiane had found a lot very close, and told me it was "just perfect."

It wouldn't be long before I found out...


You can do this, Snow. You can do to this. Just put one foot in front of the other and don't forget to smile. 

I was standing at the end of the aisle. I couldn't see Logan through the thick flowers of the Cherry Blossom trees that lined my path. They were so gorgeous. I could only see a few feet of the venue and so far it was stunning. The fragrant scent of flowers mixed with the crisp, clean feeling of spring made the air almost intoxicating. 

I was fine on the ride there, but as soon as my foot stepped onto the lilac petal path, my stomach clenched, my knees locked and the entire world seemed to tilt to one side. I was having a wild outbreak of pre-wedding jitters. 

You were fine all morning. Just take a deep breath and -- 

I groaned and clutched my head. I only had two minutes to pull myself together and I felt like I was going to vomit. 

"Snow? Oh my Berry you look gorgeous!"

"So do you," I didn't even try to fake a smile, even though the compliment was sincere. Bibi looked great no matter what she wore, and the short, ruffle blue maid-of-honor dress was no exception. 

"Thanks. I just came to check on you. Are you ready to become the new Mrs. Loganberry?!"

"Actually he's taking my last name." I felt like I was going to fall over. My lungs just weren't working the way they should have. I was almost about to ask her if she had a brown paper bag. 

"Whatever. You know what I mean. What's wrong? Don't tell me you're having second doubts."

"No, no! I'm just nervous."

"Well don't be!" This plunged Bibi into an inspirational speech about how gorgeous, smart, intelligent and wonderful I was. She also threw in that she'd gone through quite a lot of trouble to get everything the way it was, and there was no way on earth she would let me ruin the ceremony.

"Logan is waiting for you. He looks so cute, Snow, all dressed up. You'll die when you see him. Wait...that probably wasn't the best thing to say. Anyway, just go get 'em, tiger!" 

I gulped and gave a feeble nod. She gave me a hug for good luck, and began her own walk down the aisle. It was like a catwalk to her. She loved every minute of it. There was nothing else I could do. I could hear hushed voices in the distance. It was time. I had to go. Ready or not, this was it. 

"You look so beautiful, angel." Logan whispered as he took my hand. I smiled and nodded. I wanted to say that he did, too. That he always did, but the words wouldn't come out. I was really about to become a married woman. Oh my Berry. 

I tried not to think about the spaces that should have held my parents and sister. I didn't want to cry. Not for that reason. No. I would get through this like they would want me to and save the tears for later, when I was alone or when it was just Logan to comfort me.

We would be exchanging our own vows, and thankfully he went first. I didn't even look at the ring he slipped on my finger as he spoke. I just stared into his eyes and focused on every word that left his mouth. 

"Snow Mirabelle Crème, I love you with all of my heart. Until I met you, I never dreamed that I would want to spend my life with another person. I have never been a part of a family, but as soon as I met you I realized that was all different. I didn't just find someone I loved, I found a home.

Thank you for loving me and for accepting me. I promise to always love and accept you, to care for you and to support you for all the days of my life. You are my angel, my world, and it is an honor to have you as my wife."

There were several "aww"s from the group and when I spared a glance at the seat our maid-of-honor and best man had taken, I found that Bibiane was, of course, choked up.

I turned my attention back to Logan and with a deep breath, began to recite the vows I had spent weeks perfecting. 

"Loganberry," I smiled because I never used his full name. "You are the best friend I've ever had. You're smart, creative, caring. You have a heart of a different kind. You are good and pure, and that is something that not many people are in the world. I think you're the most increidble soul I've ever met, and to know that you love me and genuinely care for me as much as I do for's the greatest gift I've ever received.

I want to thank you for letting me into your life. For always caring, even when I wasn't worth it. For helping me tell my story. Most of all, I want to thank you for being who you are. I love you."

Just like that, I became the wife to Loganberry Crème. I wondered what my parents would have thought of him. I had a strong feeling they'd love him. He was so different than the boys I used to crush on growing up. Logan was soft and sweet. He found the beauty in everything. He was...delicate.

Immediately after the ceremony, we were directed to the reception by Bibiane. I had to give it to her. She did an amazing job. The decor was impeccable and exactly what I would have chosen.

We had a fantastic time with our guests. We laughed, danced, and of course snuck away for a few private moments of our own.

When the evening drew to a close and it was time to leave, Logan draped one hand over my eyes and led me into a car.

"Where are we going?" I asked. I had expected to return to our little shack and spend the night together (and worry about how that would work since we didn't even share a bed.)

"To get our wedding gifts." he said without removing his hand. He kept it there the entire ride, which felt like forever. I was starting to get sweaty under there!

Finally, the cab came to a stop and I was helped out into the cool night air. "Are you ready, angel? This took me months to pull off. Our friends donated too, your eyes."

"Logan...t-this is a...a..h-house."

"I know. Come inside. I want to give you the grand tour."

"But how on earth did all of this furniture get in here?"

"That's where our guests come in. Bibiane made a few calls to a family member who owns a store in the city - Briocheport - and arranged for a ton of pieces to be sent in. The others donated items, and chipped in to pay for wallpaper, paint and the new kitchen and bathroom. Bran and I installed and set up everything - that's what I did whenever you were in class. My boss actually helped me out a bit too, when he didn't have any students."

"I don't know what to say."

"That's all right," he laughed as we rounded a corner. "I'm sure the words will come to you."

"What does that door lead to?" I suddenly blurted.

"That is a surprise. We'll get to that last." He responded with a knowing laugh.

We walked through the upstairs, which had a guest room and smaller bedroom that Logan said they hadn't been able to paint in time for the wedding. "It was a baby's room," he added as he turned the knob to another door.

Our new bedroom. And more importantly, the space we would be spending our first night as a married couple.

"This is so beautiful." I kissed him and we took a few steps back. My legs brushed against the mattress.

"Not yet," he laughed. "I have to show you the other room, remember?"

As we walked back downstairs, he said that it was the biggest surprise of all. I couldn't imagine a surprise bigger than a new house. I also wasn't sure my heart could take it. How embarrassing to fall right over from shock on our wedding night. I promised myself whatever it was, I would let out whatever I felt right away instead of hold it in. That way, I wouldn't faint or just die altogether from the excitement.

Logan stepped behind me and told me to turn the knob. "You go in first," he said. "And make sure you --"

His voice was cut off by a bloodcurdling mixture of a scream and a squeal.

"Shale?! What are you doing here?"

  That's when it hit me. Oh no. 

I had been right. He did want me. How could I have not seen it before? You are such an idiot.

 "Snow, don't get that look on your face," he said in his thick, almost Irish-sounding accent. "Don't think I'm here to steal you from your new husband. In fact, it's only with his permission that I stand in front of you now."

"I don't understand..."

He laughed. "I'm here to formally present you with your wedding gift."

I glanced around the garage - which I realized had been turned into a small art studio - and tried to guess what exactly had been from him. How had he even gotten it here? We hadn't talked for weeks.

"This house," he began, "was actually something I bought during my residency when I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be staying in Sugar Valley after I was finished. The old family couldn't afford to pay the mortgage, so I got it for next to nothing."

"You gave me a house?"

"It was actually your husband's idea. Logan called me shortly after you became engaged and asked if I had any suggestions for a gift. He wanted to make sure it was something very special. I brought up the fact that I had a house that needed renovation and he said he'd buy it from me."

" sold him the house?"

"No, of course not. I signed the deed over to him almost immediately and then contacted my father - a business owner - and had him make some calls. Soon enough paint and floors were being delivered and Logan was installing them. I stayed in touch with him the entire time, and I'm terribly sorry that I didn't respond to any of your calls or emails. I just wanted to surprise you in person."

"Well you certainly succeeded," I laughed and pulled him into a hug. "I don't know how to thank you."

"You don't have to. It was my pleasure."

The three of us talked for a little while after that. I was in such shock that I don't think my body was able to reject it, so instead I remained completely calm and casual, like it as completely normal to receive a house as a wedding gift.

Shale informed me that things in Mapleville were going very well. So well in fact that he'd met someone who he was considering asking to move in.

"Her name is Blueberry. You'll have to meet her sometime. Maybe you and Logan could come for a visit once you settle into married life."

"I'd like that," I smiled.

  We exchanged some more pleasantries, laughed at a few things and I promised to tell him all about the wedding in an email. I was hoping we would be able to catch up the next day, but he said that he needed to return home that night as he needed to check up on several patients in the hospital in the morning.

"I guess I'll...see you around."

"No need to guess. You will." he said as he walked out the door.

That left Logan and I together. Alone.


I spared one glance at myself in the bathroom mirror.

The lace panty/bra combo were not doing their job. I looked utterly ridiculous. Why oh why did I let Bibiane talk me into this? She had insisted that since it was not only my wedding night but my very first night with a boy that I had to dress in "something passionate and beautiful."

I tried to give myself a reassuring smile, but failed miserably. 
How was I supposed go out out there dressed like this? Logan had never seen me in anything more revealing than a t-shirt and briefs. He was out there now, doing whatever he sought fit the bill of my suggestion to "get comfortable" and now I had to go out there and...what?

I figured that sitting in the bathroom wasn't going to help matters. He would probably wind up thinking I was scared or worse, that I wasn't ready to be with him. I was. I loved him more than anything. We were both prepared for that intimate level of a relationship. It's just that I wasn't sure how to take it to that level. 

So I just walked out of the room and stood in front of the bed. 

Logan sat up and smiled. "Snow,"

Speechless. I hoped that was a good thing.

He held out his arms and I timidly crawled into them.
"You really think I look okay?"

"Okay? You look stunning."

"To be honest, I'm not really sure how to start this..."

"Well, I think the best way to begin is with a kiss."

 I think he was right.