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Generation 1 - Snow: Chapter 6 - The Wedding Part 1

I loved my "nephew" so much.

I mean, how could I not? Just look at that little face.

He was the spitting image of his mom, except for the skin. That was all Bran's.
Overall, he was a perfect blend. I thought of the little guy as my own.

So much so that when the date of my wedding to Logan was just five days away, I knew Pomegranate had to be a part of it.

"You want him to be a ring bearer? He can hardly walk." Bibi laughed when I told her my idea.

"Well then, maybe one of the groomsmen. He has to be a part of this somehow."

"Ya!" Pomegranate chirped. "Me be part!"

"All right, fluffers. You can have a part," she said before looking at me. "Bran can hold him. A mini groomsman."

"You are going to look sooo cute," I cooed. Pomegranate smiled and buried his face in my neck. I sighed with content. Lately, all I had been thinking about was having a baby. I knew that was rushing things, but ever since he had entered the world, I knew I wanted to be a mother myself. I had casually tried to drop it in conversation with Logan, but most of the time I think it flew right over his head.

Doesn't matter whether it's Michigan or Sugar Valley - men are all clueless.

Sometimes I wonder if time passes differently here than it does on earth...if we really aren't even on the same planet anymore.

The date of our wedding - April 9th - marked the 18-month anniversary of my arrival in Sugar Valley. I was almost a college graduate. I was going to be a wife. I actually wanted kids. On my birthday in June, Logan, Bibi and Bran had all thrown me a party at Peppermint Pier.

How had it been such a small amount of time since I'd arrived here? How was I nearly a college graduate, nearly a wife? It felt like yesterday I was a senior in high school, excited about being asked to prom and worrying about whether or not someone would actually want to go with me.

Even my first year of college back in Michigan hadn't been  enough to make me feel like a full fledged adult. I still had Sunday dinner with my family, and Winter and I still hung out practically every day. I was still a baby then.

Now...I felt like I'd never been a child at all.

Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. After all, children don't get to marry their best friends.

Speaking of friends, I tired my hardest to get Shale to attend. I'd sent him an official wedding invitation, and several emails. There was never a response. I tried calling, but never got passed his answering machine. I had the feeling he didn't want to come to the wedding at all. Maybe I had been wrong before. Maybe Logan had been right all those months ago. What if Shale wanted me in that special way? All those friendly hugs and lunches might have meant something to him. Something much stronger than friendship.

"Are you alright, angel?"

"Fine." I sighed after checking the mail for one last RSVP.


"He didn't write back." It wasn't a question.

"No." I felt my frown deepen. Logan pulled me into his arms and I bit my lip.

"Don't feel bad. I'm sure there's a reason. Maybe he's just really preoccupied with work."

"So preoccupied that he can't even respond with a 'no'? I don't think that's it. He doesn't want to come. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out."

"I'm sorry. Just look on the bright side. I've already mailed in my RSVP."

I laughed and looked up at him. "That's good, because it wouldn't be much of a wedding without you.

And then I realized that it wouldn't be much of one without me, either. I didn't need to sit and feel sorry for myself. So one person wasn't coming. I didn't know why, but I had to ask myself, does it really matter? I had Logan and we had our best friends who wouldn't miss that day for anything. Logan had also invited his boss and his girlfriend, while I'd invited one of the nice girls I'd met at school. 

It was going to be a perfect day. I was sure of it.

"Are you ready to become a married woman?" Logan asked that night after we had gotten back from a celebratory dinner hosted by none other than Bibiane. She had taken full charge of the wedding as soon as she was able - the venue, the flowers, the food. All of it was being planned and organized by her. I barely had a say in it, which wasn't really a bad thing. All I had to do was tell her whether or not I liked something, and she went straight to work.

Not to mention it would be a nice surprise to see how all the tidbits I'd received over the past few months tied together. 

"I am," I said. We were sitting beside one another before the fire pit. . It was a beautiful night, not a cloud in the sky. The stars twinkled and danced above us, and I swear I could see every single one of them. Logan wouldn't be staying with me that day. He was going to crash at Bran's. We didn't really believe in all those silly wedding superstitions, but Bibi insisted that I be alone the night before the wedding to clear my head and get a good, boy-free night's sleep. 

"Are you ready to be a married man?"

"Of course. I have been since the day I met you." he smiled.

I let my gaze rest on our hands, and appreciated the warmth of his skin against mine. Just a small touch, but it brought me all the comfort and security in the world. here's something about contact with the one's you love. It's enough to be with them, to have them by your side. But it's another thing entirely to be physically connected to them, whether it's a hug or a kiss or simply holding their hand. When you're actually touching that person, it feels like you're a part of them - of their greatness.

"Look! A shooting star!" Logan's finger shot up to the sky.

"Quick! Close your eyes and make a wish."

I watched as his eyelids squeezed together and his nose scrunched up. He was concentrating so hard, like whatever he was hoping for would fall right out of the sky if the star's believed he wanted it enough.

"What did you wish for?" he whispered, eyes still closed.

I leaned over and put my lips to his ear.

"I wished for you, and for you to always love me."

"Looks like its already come true then," he gave one of his nervous laughs and turned his face back to the sky.

"I'm going to have to leave you soon." he sighed. "Bran told me that if I'm not back with my stuff by midnight, he's going to come and drag me there himself."

I laughed. "I can let you go for tonight. Just promise that you won't run off somewhere and have a wild party with tons of beautiful girls."

"I can't," he shrugged. "There's only one beautiful girl in this world."

"Wonder who that could be." I smiled.

"You know her pretty well." he winked and kissed my cheek. "After tonight though, we'll never be separated again. You'll have me all to yourself, for the rest of your life."

"And you'll have me to yourself the rest of your life."

"Why does it feel like I'm getting a way better deal?"
He pulled me into a hug and rested his chin on my shoulder. "I love you, Snow."

"I love you, too. Now go on. And don't stay up all night. I don't want you passing out tomorrow at the alter."

"Or after the ceremony. Tomorrow night is one I don't want to miss."

I felt my cheeks flush and he laughed. "No need to be nervous, love."

"I'm not nervous."

"Liar,"  he chuckled softly. "It's okay, though. Tomorrow is going to be the best day of our lives. Promise."

"I believe you."

With one final kiss, Logan quickly grabbed his clothes for the big day from inside the house and headed off. I snuggled into bed almost immediately. I expected to toss and turn until morning, but instead I drifted off as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Tomorrow was going to be the best day of my life.



  1. Eeep, a wedding coming up!

    I wonder if Snow didn't actually wish for a baby when they saw the shooting star? :)

  2. Yep, the wedding will be up by the end of the weekend! =D Only a few more pictures to take.

    Hmm...IDK. Maybe she did. ;) Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  3. OMB!!! "I wished for you, and for you to always love me."



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