Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Wedding of Bibiane Snap and Bran Muffin

On an isolated beach in the Sugar Cane Islands, Bibiane Snap and Bran Muffin exchanged vows beneath a setting sun. These are the photographs taken of the day. Enjoy. 

The wedding night...



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  2. Great update! Just a question, what pose pack did you use for the wedding night? The pictures are awesome and crative by the way!

  3. Hi Amy. :)

    Thanks for the comment.

    For Bran sitting on the bed looking at Bibi, I used the Hunky pose set by traelia. Bibiane's pose at the door is from the Sassy pose pack, also by traelia. :D

    You can find them on MS3B or Mod The Sims.

    I also used the One More Slot download from MTS to get Bran sitting on the bed.

  4. Beautiful wedding photos!!! I haven't figured out how to have a wedding party yet, only private at home weddings :(

  5. Aw, thank you. :)

    I usually have private weddings as well.
    To throw a wedding party, just have an engaged Sim select their phone and hit "Party/Wedding Party"

    It isn't very different than a house party though, which is why I'm happy that Generations is bringing back the altar and cake. =D


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